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From Radio Disney's NEXT BIG THINGS (NBT) Season 4 2011. I created this blog, so you can all get to know me a little better. It gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts. You can only write a few sentences at a time on Twitter and Facebook. So,this gives me a chance to write my thoughts out and keep you up to date on all that is Happening in The Zack Attack Zone! Thanks for stopping by! Follow your Dreams!

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Zack Montana Update

Hey Everyone, it has been awhile I know.  I am so appreciative that all of you still contact me and write me, it really makes me feel great.  I just got done performing for Radio Disney in San Francisco.  At The Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival.  I had a great time there and the fans that were there were really awesome to me as always and it just made me feel great.

Lately, I have done a few things to just keep active, I have played an acoustical set of my original songs with two good friends of mine.  Alberto La Torre on Guitar and Piano and Angelo Duran on The Cajon Acoustic Drum.  We played at the Witzend in Venice, CA.  I had a great time and it was so good to see friends that came to see me perform.  I really had a great time and it was so different for me.  I got a chance to sing my songs and not dance and perform.  It had a nice feel to it and I really enjoyed it. But, being a performer is who I am and I love to dance and sing and perform to a crowd.  It is the most exciting thing for me.

I have been in the studio this past month, working on songs for my album. (Yes I will have an album coming out)  I just did three songs in the last month and I think a lot of you are going to be surprised.  Most of the people who have sent me tracks to write to or have songs to submit to me, really don't get me.  I get a lot of Justin Bieber type songs, a lot of Cody Simpson type songs and there is nothing wrong with that, because those guys are great.  However, I have to be me.... and I have to stay true to who I am as an artist.  So, I really think my new stuff is going to blow your minds.  You have no idea how excited I am to let the world hear my new stuff.  I don't even have a copy for my self.  The songs are locked in a vault at my producer's studio.  LOL

As you know I cut my hair over the summer, cause I wanted to take a break and also with it being so hot here, I thought it was a good time to cut it short.  It is getting back to being long again and I am excited about what the next few months have in store for me. :-)

I am also really excited about NBT Season 5.  I was bummed that I could not be at Hollywood and Highland to see my season 4 family, but I really enjoyed performing in San Francisco.  I love NBT, it really launched my career and I am so grateful to Radio Disney that I would do anything for them to help promote such a great program to help undiscovered artists realize their dreams.

Season 5 is going to be cool.  I really like all of the contestants this year.  I have had a chance to talk with all of them and hang out with them since we met back in June in Orlando, FL.   I have my favorite, but in fairness to the other contestants, I will leave that up to all of you.  It is a talented group this year and I am just glad I do not have to worry about voting anymore.  That had to be the most stressful thing ever. So, I know what the finalists are going through right now and it is tough.

So please go out and support Radio Disney's Next Big Thing.  Voting starts on October 26th and you can vote at www.radiodisney.com , www.Facebook.com and twitter.com .   You can also vote via text messaging and as voting gets closer, I will put more specific voting instructions on here and my social media.

One last thing before I go.  My new website  www.ZackMontana.com is almost finished and I can't wait to announce when it will be launched.  Thanks so much to all of you who have supported me, whether it was from the very beginning or if it has only been a day.  You have all been important to me and you have no idea what you all mean to me!

God Bless you!

Zack Montana


  1. You are very talented and I'm happy for you, and I'm happy that you are having the chance to live your Dream

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