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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My interview with Macaroni Kid North East Philly

Macaroni Kid (North East Philly)
November 22, 2011

Zack Montana of Radio Disney's NBT
Guest star for Philadelphia's 92nd Thanksgiving Day Parade

(Radio Disney)

Macaroni Kid got a chance to talk to Zack Montana from Radio Disney's "Next BIG Thing."  He will be one of the guest stars in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia.
Macaroni Kid: Hi Zack. 
Zack:  Hi, how's it going?

Macaroni Kid: Just great!  I know all your local fans here are thrilled that you are coming to Philadelphia for our 92nd Thanksgiving Day Parade
Zack: I'm really excited, too.  I've never been part of a Thanksgiving Parade so it should be amazing!
Macaroni Kid: Yah, that should be really great.

Macaroni Kid: It's going to be a little chillier here than you are used to.  Are you ready to bundle up?
Zack: Oh, yes, of course.  I love cold.  I just love it.

Macaroni Kid: Have you been to Philadelphia before?
Zack: No, I've never been in Philly.  Well, maybe once.  I traveled with my sister when she did pagents, but I don't think so.  I am excited just to really see it.

Macaroni Kid: Who will with you?
Zack: My Dad.  Dad's the traveler.

Macaroni Kid: What's your Dad's name?
Zack: My Dad's name is Billy.
Macaroni Kid: Thank you.

Macaroni Kid: Will you be able to get out of here to make it home in time for a Thanksgiving Day dinner with your family back in California?
Zack: Yes I will!  I'll be arriving at like six so I'll be eating dinner around about 7:30 PM.
Macaroni Kid: That works.  OK.

Macaroni Kid: When you are here will you be on the platform or a float?
Zack: I think a float. [NOTE: He'll be on the Radio Disney float.]
Macaroni Kid: You'll be singing “Serious” and “Shorty’s With Me” during the Parade? 
Zack: Yes.
Macaroni Kid: OK.  Did you write your songs?
Zack: I co-wrote them.  I gave the ideas for writing those songs.

Macaroni Kid: Do you have anything else in the works right now?
Zack: No.  I'm just waiting for the competition to be done then I'll be focusing on trying to get votes. After this I'll be in a recording studio and just writing music.

Macaroni Kid: I've heard your music described as Pop/R&B.  Would you agree with that?
Zack: I would agree with that.

Macaroni Kid: I've heard your sound compared to Justin Bieber.  Do you feel like you sound like Justin at all?
Zack: I'm trying not to sound like Justin.  I'm trying to get away from the beat because I don't want to go in that same path because he already took that path. So I'm trying to bring in new kind of style of art; I'm kind of like trying to bring the style of Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Elvis kind of thing back.
Macaroni Kid: That's some of my favorite people you're talking about, so that'll be great.
Zack: Oh yeah.

Macaroni Kid: I read that you have performed with your sister. 
Zack: She was in a Billy Ray Cyrus video with me called Somebody Said a Prayer.
Macaroni Kid: Have you two have been doing anything together since then?
Zack: No.  We're just doing brother and sister things together at home.
Macaroni Kid: That's pretty cool.
Zack: Yeah.

Macaroni Kid: When you are filming NBT, how long are you on the set?  All day?
Zack: I guess you could say that.  Sometimes we stay a little late, or go in before the shooting goes on, and it depends on how long it takes to shoot.  Sometimes it will be about six hours during the shooting process.
Macaroni Kid: How do work school into that?
Zack: Oh, well, I am homeschooled.  I meet a teacher once a week and she gives me different subjects to do. Then I can work around it.  If I can't come in one day of the week she'll just say come in next week and she'll give it to me next week.  It is so much easier than going to public school, because when I went to public school, I missed 30 days and I don't want to do that again.

Macaroni Kid: I understand you are interested in acting and have done some commercials.
Zack: Yeah, actually it's funny because I wasn't supposed to do the acting.  I was just going to follow my sister.  We're from Tampa, in Florida.  So I followed my sister with the acting over here, then I did a Hyundai commercial.  I did a Danimals commercial with Dylan and Cole Sprouse.  I did a Camp Rock commercial.  I did different types of commercials.  But then I followed it into music.

Macaroni Kid:  I've listened to your songs and really enjoyed them.  I know you have a lot of fans over here and should have some yelling, screaming girls along the parade route!
Zack: Awesome!

Macaroni Kid: Since you are going to be in Philly for Thanksgiving, could you just tell us what you are going to be most thankful for this year at Thanksgiving?
Zack: What I will be most thankful for this year at Thanksgiving is to be able to perform in Philadelphia.  Like always, spendimg time with my family, and getting to perform and show everybody what I can do.  It's going to be fun and I'm just so thankful to even get to be in this competition and just be in a parade because it's my first one and I'm excited!
Macaroni Kid: You sound excited.
Macaroni Kid: I wish you the very best and we'll have to get some votes in there for you.
Zack: Thank you very much, I appreciate that.
Macaroni Kid: You're welcome. 

Macaroni Kid: Thank you for interviewing with Macaroni Kid.  I'm really excited that I got to talk with you.
Zack: Oh, no problem.  Any time.

Macaroni Kid: Thank you.  Take care.
Zack: OK, you, too.  Bye.

PRESS RELEASE: Radio Disney AM 640 Philadelphia brings musical entertainment for kids and families to the parade featuring Season Four “N.B.T.” (Next BIG Thing) artist Zack Montana aboard the Radio Disney float. Zack, who is one of the three remaining artists in Radio Disney’s popular musical talent showcase, will perform his single “Serious,” which is currently being featured on Radio Disney and Disney Channel. The Radio Disney AM 640 Road Crew will also be at the Holiday Village with interactive entertainment and prizes.

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