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From Radio Disney's NEXT BIG THINGS (NBT) Season 4 2011. I created this blog, so you can all get to know me a little better. It gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts. You can only write a few sentences at a time on Twitter and Facebook. So,this gives me a chance to write my thoughts out and keep you up to date on all that is Happening in The Zack Attack Zone! Thanks for stopping by! Follow your Dreams!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Everyone, by now you all know that I do Q&A's on Facebook & Twitter.  I get asked a lot of the same questions.  So, I thought I would create this blog.  So, you can know the answers to the most frequently asked questions.  I love to share with you and sometimes I can't because I am answering so many questions that this way you can see the answers in a little more detail.  Thanks :-)

#1.  How old are you?
I am 14 years old.

#2.  When is your Birthday?
September 29th

#3.  Where were you born?
I was born in Tampa, FL

#4.  Where do you live now?
I live in Sherman Oaks, CA

#5.  What is your Middle Name?
I don't my name is Zack Montana

#6.  Would you ever date a fan?
I will date whoever God puts in my path. I am not shallow, I do not think I am better then anyone. We are all just people. We all have feelings. We all have hearts...... it doesn't matter who I date. I don't look at it like that.

#7.  Would you ever come to the state I live in?
If you are on Twitter tell @RadioDisney you want me to perform in your City or State or even Country. If you are on Facebook Go on The Radio Disney Page and tell them.  Or got to www.radiodisney.com and put it in a shout out.
I would love to go to any place.  It is great meeting new people, I love it!

#8.  What is your favorite movie?
The Dark Knight!

#9.  What is your favorite tv show?
Well, I really like Family Guy!  Because I love Stewie, just cracks me up.

#10.  How do you get into NBT?
You have to contact Radio Disney and ask how to set up an audition for it.

#11.  Do you have a girlfriend? 
No, I do not have a girlfriend.  (My Mom says I am not allowed to date until I am 17)

#12.  Do you have a Celebrity Crush?
I did, but now not so much!

#13.  How do you pick fans to call?
I pick people who visit my Twitter or facebook page, who are always on there, messaging me nice things.  Who are genuine.  I have called people who have made me cool pictures. I have called people who have made me fan pages.  I have called people who have written me something heartfelt and beautiful.  I have called people who have made me youtube videos to promote me.  Or people who are always trying to promote me by giving shout outs.  One of the things that, turns me away from calling people are people who just say "CALL ME"  Or they keep posting over and over and over.  I see the posts on twitter and I try to respond to most of them. If I don't, it is because I either hit my daily limit or it rolled too fast off my page.  Just be patient.... I try to get to as many people as possible.  I love you guys.  You all mean everything to me and I care about my fans and know that without you, I am nobody.

#14.  Who is your favorite singer today?

#15.  What is your favorite sport?

#16.  Favorite Baseball Team and Player?
The Yankees, Derrick Jeter

#17.  Favorite Football Team and Player?
Used to be the Colts, But now it is the Jets.... Peyton Manning

#18.  Favorite Basketball Team and Player?
The Lakers and Kobe Bryant  (I got my Kobe's on and so does she) :-)

#19.  What do I have to do for you to follow me?
Just ask me. 

#20.  Would you consider yourself like Justin Bieber?
Not at all! Not even close. I have my own style, I have my own look, I am a different type of performer then he is. And this is not a knock on him. I hope one day to be as successful as he is. I respect that he is a Christian, that makes us brothers. But I am Zack and I do my own thing.
#21.  Who inspires you?
My Dad.... because he has taught me that no one hands you anything in life. You have to work hard and go after things. My Mom who encourages me to do things the right way, and to be good to people and follow God. Musically, Michael Jackson... he just was such a great performer and he made a difference in the world.

#22.  What is your religious beliefs?
I am a Christian.... I belong to Church on The Way in Van Nuys, CA.  Everything I do is because God allows it.  But, God also tells me to Love.... I respect anyone who has a relationship with God. It doesn't matter to me what your beliefs are as long as you are doing good in the world.  I am not going to push my religion on you.  I am going to live by his example and that is what matters to me.

#23.  Do you have skype or video conference?
No, I do not skype and I do not do tiny chats.  Most of my days are spent doing school work, rehearsing and keeping up with my Twitter and Facebook. When I have spare time, I like to play hoops or xBox live.

#24.  Can you Text me?
I am sorry, I am not allowed to text people.  I make calls to people from time to time, but that comes through my managements phone #, which is a restricted #.

#25.  How can we vote for you?

There are 3 ways to vote each day.

#1. Text  "NBT" to 347-639 then follow the prompt and enter the # that corresponds with Zack.  Currently it is #1.

#2.  On Radio Disney  at http://radio.disney.go.com/nbt/featuredArtist.html?name=zack-montana

#3. Vote on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/radiodisney?sk=app_152762794817743  and vote for Zack.


  1. Wow. That was amazing. I loved your answer to "Would you ever date a fan" Its absolutely true & its what my mom tells me all the time too. Every person is equal. ♥
    Your whole blog looks amazing so far! I can't believe your doing this too. You are the most dedicated person I've ever talked to, your songs, your personality, your talent, your everything is so amazing & your just so inspiring to me Zack. Thank you for everything you do & taking so much time for us. You are truly amazing & I respect you. I don't care what I say, how many bad things I hear on Youtube, twitter, It will never stop me from being a Zackattack. I'm a proud Zack Attack. I can't wait till I haar those words "The winner of NBT 2011 is... ZACK MONTANA!" I know I'll hear them. I have so much faith in you & you continue to amaze me. I love you & keep doing what you do because its changing live & you'll go down in history ♥

    Lots of love,

    -Amber (@TeamZackM/@ohhlovatoGrande)

  2. This actually answers alot of my questions!! This is an awesome blog...here's a random question from me: "Who inspired you to enter the NBT and then why did you?"

  3. Its cool that your doing this so that we can learn more about you and what your all about(:

  4. I love how you answer too "what are your religous beleifs?" im glad to hear that and your absoulutly right. and I also love how you put you will date whoever God puts in your path you are so amazing

  5. I love this! :) I knew all of this by now, but you have a lot of new fans, so this was probably very helpful. I love your answer to "Would you ever date a fan?"... I don't know a lot of people that are as sweet as you! :) You don't judge and you are a very caring person. I have been your fan from the beginning and I always will be:) You are going to keep stealing hearts of more and more people each and everyday!!!! Lots of Love Forever and Always :)
    ~Hayley Morphis(@HayleyMorphis15)

  6. I find it so amazing how you are so closely connected with your fans. Your really inspiring. These past couple days haven't been very good for myself so I always listen to "Serious" and "Shorty Is With Me". You have an amazing talent. I really hope that one day I'll meet you. It would be a dream come true. I hope you'll call me one day. <3 :0)
    ~Lots Of Love And Hope
    Marissa (@marissazupancic)

  7. I love u zack and i hope u win NBT i think u really deserve it u are a great guy and any girl would be lucky to be ur girlfriend <3<3 :)

  8. well zack im not the one to tell yeww what to do and im in serious love wittthh yeeeewwww and love tooo meet yew someday like meh im living my dream as i should

  9. I Love you Zack Montana , You are my idol , and my true inspiration . Dont let anyone get to you like all them haters. I LOVE YOU ZACK MONTANA AND I ALWAYS WILL ! <3

  10. OMG I love u here my twitter name @sanitaa-xo :))<3